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bokamoso perfomers at gw university.

A Tribute To Nelson Mandela
A Tribute to Solomon Mahlangu

Hush, hush, and be still.
A giant has been laid to rest.
The world as we know it, came unhooked from its axis,
Come, pay tribute to this son of the soil.

During the 2014 US Tour, Vincent (Vee) Nkosi performed an unforgettable interpretation of his poem #A Giant Has Been Laid To Rest - interwoven with a South African Xhosa song Shine Wherever You Are. This was performed as a tribut to Nelson Mandela however it is also a fitting tribute to Solomon Mahlangu.Click here to see a video of Vee's performance.

bokamoso perfomers at gw university.

Bokamoso US Performing Tour Group 2014

The Group includes, (back row l to r) - Steve Baloyi, Thapelo Mashaba, Drama Director, Doreen Mnisi, Josiah Mlambo, Prince Nzapheza, (front row l to r) - Lucas Balangile, Vincent Nkosi, Thembi Mooketsi, George Mblangwe, Christinah Sebothoma, Khomotso Kgase, Mmule Tsoai, Social Outreach Director, Vhutshilo Netshivhambe, Dipuo Sithole, Solomon Mahlangu, Centre Director.

Each year talented students visit the US to raise awareness of the challenges young people face in Winterveldt, South Africa, and to widen the circle of support for the youth of the Bokamoso Youth Centre.

We hope to see you at one of the performances. Check News & Events/Events Calendar for times and venues of performances.

Watch Bokamoso = Future

Bokamoso = Future

Bokamoso volunteer Caroline O'Grady filmed the documentary Bokamoso = Future while completing her senior year at The George Washington University. Much more comfortable in front of the camera, this theatre major captured the heart and hopes of the South African young people as they work to create a brighter Bokamoso (future) for themselves and their community.

Watch Bokamoso = Future Now!

March 17, 1975 - April 11, 2014

Song of Solomon

Solomon Mahlangu
Bra Solly..
The man to see if you had a problem: “There is a problem – one, two, three? There is a solution!”

Solutions to problems of all shapes and sizes. He could heal a child’s wounded heart. He could rescue a car mired in the mud – enlisting neighbors to lift it into the air, if necessary.

Bra Solly, the dancer – kicking his leg impossibly high; kicking away fear and despair; welcoming joy and hope. Bra Solly, the leader – filled with compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love. Bhudda, the mentor – blessed with a wise and understanding heart.

Solomon Mahlangu, a man trusted by the entire community. He devoted his life to his family, to the youth of Bokamoso, and to Winterveldt.

He embodied the spirit of ubuntu every day. He never seemed to lose patience with others. In his presence, we all felt safe. He was a true citizen of the world, embracing his friends in America as warmly as those he grew up with in Winterveldt. Whether you just met him or had known him for years, you felt you had made a real friend, someone who would always be there for you.

So… how will we fill the enormous void his passing has left in our lives? With the joy and hope, the compassion and forgiveness, the unconditional love, the wisdom, honesty and patience, the spirit of ubuntu that Bra Solly gave to us all. Now we must embody these qualities in his place, and share them with each other as generously as he did. Then he will never be forgotten. Then he will live in us all forever.

The Bokamoso Centre staff is hard at work continuing the work that Bra Solly began. To help them maintain and grow Solomon's legacy please consider making a contribution in support of the Bokamoso Youth Centre and its programs. Click here and your donation will will be channeled to this important work.