Bokamoso Youth Foundation: The Future Begins Here

Mmule Mary Tsoai, Staff Social Worker, Bokamoso Youth Centre

“Making a difference and changing the lives of youth … that is my goal; seeing them graduate from college and university that is my purpose; seeing them working and earning a living that is my success.”

Mmule is currently the Staff Social Worker at the Bokamoso Youth Centre. In 2009, she was invited by a friend to come to the Centre. On Mmule’s first day at the Centre she was deeply moved by the young people she met and fell in love with the program. She was so touched by the spirit and stories of the youth she decided to join the Centre.

Mmule was born and raised in Winterveldt by her Mother and her maternal Uncle and Aunt. Her Uncle was a respected leader and teacher in the community. He was the first teacher at the local school so they named the school after him. Mmule called him “Grandfather” and experienced him to be a generous man. He grew vegetables in his garden and shared the produce with poor families. Thus her Uncle played a major role in her life by his example and his compassion. He treated her like his daughter.

After Mmule completed high school, she volunteered at church. She was active in singing, drama and traditional dance. One of the church members saw her talent and encouraged her to continue her education. Mmule went on to complete a year long program in drama and music at the University of South Africa.

After her college courses in music and drama, she completed the tour guide studies at the Drum Beat Academy, and worked as an educational assistant and tour guide at Tswaing Meteorite Crater. Since then she has completed additional coursework at the University of South Africa including a course entitled “Dealing with Youth and Children with Challenging Behavior” in 2006, and a course in Social Work in 2007.