Bokamoso Youth Foundation: The Future Begins Here

Young People Are the Bokamoso

Josiah Mlambo

I finished my matricThis is the 12th Grade in 2010, and I had no plans or idea of how I can get money to further my studies by going to College/University because my parents can’t afford to pay the college fees. One day Bro Solly and Ausi Mmule came to our school and they told us all about Bokamoso. My teacher suggested that I go to Bokamoso.

Once I came to the centre my heart was not there – I was bored, but as time went by I started to enjoy myself. I attended the Adolescent Development Program last year and graduated in December 2011. Bokamoso is a big role in my life because they help me get my Identity DocumentSimilar to a social security card and that makes me very happy. I get inspired each day and everyday and I usually forget about my problems when I am at Bokamoso.

Looking in my community, many people are dying because of HIV/AIDS and many are unemployed, but I want to be different, I want to be the change.