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Young People Are the Bokamoso

Meet Margaret Ndlovu

"Say NO, black woman, say NO"

Margaret Ndlovu found the courage to reach out for help to Bokamoso after a long struggle to support her family and to persevere against violent attacks.

In the loving care of Bokamoso leaders and mentors, Margaret began her journey of recovery and hope. A deeply compassionate warrior for those she loves, Margaret began to articulate a better future for herself and her daughter.

As a Groundbreaker mentor for younger women she helps guide others to find their voices and "speak the truth."

An outstanding hairweaver and stylist, Margaret wants to train to be an advocate for battered women and children.

Bokamoso has nurtured her vitality, and helped her believe in herself, see her "bokamoso" (her future).

In spite of so many overwhelming obstacles, Margaret is an undaunted life force.

"Stand proud, black woman, Stand proud!
You are the hope for our nation."

– from "Say NO, black woman" by Margaret Ndlovu)