Bokamoso Youth Foundation: The Future Begins Here

Young People Are the Bokamoso

Phumzile Mbafa

"I felt welcomed and, from that day, my life changed for the better."

My life started when I completed my senior year of high school in 2008. I couldn’t go to college after I graduated from high school because my Mother was not working. So, I stayed at home doing nothing.

One day I met a friend of mine who told me about a program that changes people’s life in positive ways. The program she told me about was Bokamoso. The very next day I decided to go with her to the Centre. When I got to the building I thought it might be a place was for disturbed people because I heard alot of noise before I even got into the main meeting room. The noise was from the youth doing “ice breakers” to help everyone get acquainted. When I finally got inside the meeting room, I felt welcomed, and from that day, my life changed for the better.

Because of Bokamoso, I am now at the University of South Africa studying for a Bachelor of Education. No one in my family was going to be able to pay college tuition and fees for me. So, I thought I would never be able to enroll in one of the universities in South Africa. The Bokamoso Centre made it possible for me to reach for my dreams.