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Meet Stephina Mkhonazi

Stephina Mkhonazi passed her difficult high school "Matric" exam with flying colors. When she saw her name announced in the paper she was thrilled.

However, she quickly realized that her overwhelmed family had no resources to help her plan the nursing career of her dreams. Afraid to fall into the traps of despair and self-destruction that surround the youth of Winterveldt, this determined young woman sought out Bokamoso as a safe place, a positive haven.

She found strong loving people who could support her in finding a path towards education. She became an articulate peer leader and participant in the outreach drama group performing the AIDS education play, WON'T HAPPEN TO ME, and the play about changing gender roles in the New South Africa, A TREE MUST LEARN TO BEND.

She is currently in her second year of nurses training, thanks to the generous support of her loving community in America.