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Meet Steve Baloyi

"The Centre has helped me develop a more flexible and determined spirit"

I was born in Winterveldt in a clinic called Boekenhout. I’m the fourth child in a family of 10 members. My Mother was the only parent I knew until I met my biological Father recently. Mom has always been the cornerstone of our family. She always managed to take care of all of us even though it was hard sometimes, because she was unemployed

I finished high school by passing the matricThis is the 12th Grade exam in 2006. However, I couldn’t proceed to tertiary level education, because we could not afford the tuition and fees. It was heartbreaking to me to be blocked from more education. It was especially painful because, in South Africa, it is difficult to find a decent job unless you have college or university qualifications.

In 2011, I got an opportunity to work as a salesperson for Standard Bank of South Africa and that experience opened my eyes to possibilities. Even though I did not earn much, I was able to use my earnings to study access in the subject of social work. In South Africa, the access study process tests prospective students on specific modules of information to determine if you will be allowed to go forward and study social work. I passed all the modules. So now I have the access certificate which shows that I will be permitted to study social work, if I can pay the tuition and fees.

The lack of money for my education was causing me great stress. Then my friend told me about the Bokamoso Centre and it’s programs. So I went to Bokamoso and learned about the lifeskills and scholarship programs. In September 2011, I joined the Adolescent Development Program (ADP) of the Centre and it really changed my life. It transformed my life because it is designed to for you to discuss issues with different people, talk about real life challenges and offer advice to one another on how to overcome obstacles.

The Centre has helped me develop a more flexible and determined spirit. Also, it has helped me focus on achieving my goals and dreams. For example, coming to the United States of America was not something I even dreamed might be possible. However, I started to practice with the Bokamoso drama group and now I have visited the U.S. and performed for hundreds of people!