Bokamoso Youth Foundation: The Future Begins Here

Elese Sizemore, Board Member, Bokamoso Youth Foundation

Elese is a charter member of the Bokamoso Youth Foundation and serves as Secretary of the Board. She works with fundraising and marketing as well as mentoring Bokamoso youth during the annual January performing arts tour.

She has been a long-time supporter of the Bokamoso program and has visited the Centre in Winterveldt. In past years, she has worked on making the U.S. Bokamoso Dream Breakfast a very successful annual event and on introducing the performing arts troupe to potential program supporters in the U.S.

Currently, Elese works for First Book, a non-profit organization promoting literacy for low-income children. She had a distinguished, thirty year career as a corporate manager for American Express. During her years with the company she worked on several cause-related marketing programs launched by her employer and sponsored submission of performing arts grant applications for funding consideration by the company.

For years, she has volunteered with organizations in Washington, DC promoting literacy and safe housing for inner city youth, including the charities For Love of Children (FLOC) and Hope & A Home. Also, Elese has volunteered with the Shakespeare Theatre’s Marketing Committee in Washington, DC. Her background in literature, the performing arts, and the corporate world gives Elese the ability to help the Bokamoso youth by integrating her appreciation of South African music and culture with a thorough understanding of the Centre’s needs and potential.