Bokamoso Youth Foundation: The Future Begins Here

Marilee Aronson, Board Member, Bokamoso Youth Foundation

Marilee Aronson is one of the founding members of the Bokamoso Youth Foundation. She has been involved in many aspects of the Foundation’s growth and development including strategizing, communications, fundraising and event planning. Currently, she chairs the Board Development Committee, which ensures that Foundation activities are in line with its Mission and coordinates the Foundation’s various committees and work groups.

During two month-long visits to Bokamoso Youth Centre, Marilee has focused on direct service provision to youth and staff as well as on needs assessment and program development at the Centre.

Marilee was invited to Winterveldt by Roy Barber in 2007, during one of his annual summer trips, and felt an immediate connection with the Bokamoso youth and staff. Upon her return, she committed to supporting the Centre and to strengthening its bond with US supporters. Her stateside involvement has included increasing its support base, co-coordinating two annual Breakfast fundraisers which raised scholarship funding for over 60 youth, co-facilitating career mentoring workshops during Bokamoso’s annual visits, and helping to develop the scholarship program.

She maintains ongoing contact with several Bokamoso youth throughout the year, providing emotional and mental health support, career guidance and general mentoring.

Marilee is a licensed clinical psychologist with a degree concentration in Intercultural Psychology. Her years of experience in the field, focus on work with adolescents and young adults, commitment to understanding cross-cultural dynamics, study of the core ingredients of healing on individual and communal levels, experience on the DC Psychological Association’s Board of Directors, and her long-standing love of African arts and culture render her a valuable asset to the Bokamoso Youth Foundation.