Bokamoso Youth Foundation: The Future Begins Here

Bokamoso Youth Foundation Board


Roy Barber has worked with the Bokamoso Youth Centre since 1999 in impoverished Winterveldt, South Africa, creating musical dramas from the stories of township youth struggling with poverty, joblessness, teen pregnancy, HIV-AIDS, domestic violence, and sexual/gender identity. Read more about Roy

Vice President

Constance Sullivan cemented her commitment to the work of the Foundation when she traveled to Winterveldt with the St. Andrew’s students as a parent chaperone. Connie has described how inspiring it was to see for herself how hard the young people work to overcome obstacles, pursue better education and achieve their dreams.Read more about Connie


Stacy Kincaid has a strong commitment to help develop a sustainable Bokamoso Centre, capable of providing critical services to the youth of Winterveldt. Stacy is particularly interested in the continued improvement of the scholarship process and the academic support to the tuition recipients. Read more about Stacy


Charlie Vance has been traveling to Africa for many years. He became a Board member when the Foundation was chartered. He has a special interest in developing effective, low cost communication strategies among Bokamoso supporters and sharing success stories of Youth Centre graduates. Read more about Charlie

Artistic Director

Leslie Jacobson has shared her passion and skill as a director, playwright and educator of performing arts with the young people of the Bokamoso Youth Centre since 2003. Read more about Leslie

Board Members

Helen Cannaday Saluny is the Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion at the George Washington University. She brings her experience in building collaborative relationships and fostering a culture of diversity to the Foundation Board.

James Cawley has been a supporter of the exchange program since its beginnings in 2002, hosting in-home socials, hosting at the Dream Breakfasts, and mentoring Bokamoso students during their stay in the U.S. He has been on the Board since April 2011. Read more about Jim

Louis Jacobson has been on the Board of the Foundation since 2010 and has a keen interest in the Bokamoso Scholarship Program. Over the years, he has played an active role in refining scholarship policy. Read more about Lou

Elese Sizemore is a founding member of the Bokamoso Youth Foundation and has served as Secretary of the Board. She serves on the Fundraising and Marketing Committees and mentors Bokamoso youth when they visit the United States on their January trip. Read more about Elese

Kathy Tobias has been sharing her knowledge of microfinance and small business development since 2000 with the young people at the Bokamoso Youth Centre. Read more about Kathy