Bokamoso Youth Foundation: The Future Begins Here

Bokamoso's Mission


The mission of the Bokamoso Youth Foundation is to transform the lives of youth and empower community leadership in Winterveldt, South Africa, by coordinating assistance with the Bokamoso Youth Centre and facilitating its sustainability through scholarships, training, and resource development.


To create a sustainable Bokamoso Youth Centre, whereby all youth have access to the education and training they need to be successful and the Bokamoso Youth Centre becomes a model for empowerment and leadership in the Winterveldt community.

Core Beliefs (Values)

We believe that

  • transforming the lives of youth can transform family and community life.
  • accurately assessing and developing the strengths of the youth helps link them to the appropriate educational and/or vocational training opportunities.
  • mentoring the youth provides them with a bridge between theoretical goals and practical experience.
  • cultural exchange between the Bokamoso youth and our DC partners enriches the lives of both communities, building strong, meaningful, and lasting relationships.
  • artistic expression and creative endeavors both nurture self-discovery and understanding among the youth and all participating constituents; and allow for mutual growth and development (Ubuntu) through the sharing of stories.
  • supporting the youths’ entrepreneurial activities by sharing information, networking, and helping to provide infrastructure enables the youth to create their own economic initiatives.
  • the Bokamoso Youth Foundation is committed to matching educational/vocational training opportunities in Winterveldt and nearby communities to the abilities of the Bokamoso Youth Centre’s young men and women.