Bokamoso Youth Foundation: The Future Begins Here

Homecomings by Kenneth D Mdluli

Bokamoso, as the word implies, is a place of hope for the future leaders. Pearl and I met at Bokamoso during the 2008 auditions. We started as friends, and later became partners, and then just recently vowed to be life partners on the 15 December 2011. On that day our friends, neighbors and families gathered to celebrate the choice Pearl and I made. Our brothers and sisters from Bokamoso also came and made it even more of a fulfilling experience.

Bokamoso is known around Winterveldt to be a place of hope, a place where the youth unite in preparation of their future, a brighter future. Most of us are attracted to the centre by the solutions it brings into our lives, socially and economically; by enabling us to develop future orientated lifestyles and by providing scholarship opportunities to many of us. In a nutshell, Bokamoso is a palace of opportunities. I am one of those who recognized an opportunity and ceased it. In Bokamoso I found more than just a bright future, I found life: a wife.

By right, I owe so much more than I can repay in a lifetime to the centre, a centre that united the Republic of South Africa and the United States of America. Worlds so far apart yet brought together, and their boundaries defied. In the same way Pearl and I are united through Bokamoso.

A big thank you from Pearl and Kenneth to the Bokamoso Youth Centre, for all the love shared within that home. Within your home another home has emerged.

My dream from hereon is to stay attached to centre and give back the life contained as gained from Bokamoso.