Bokamoso Youth Foundation: The Future Begins Here

Bokamoso Sponsors

Seekers Church provides invaluable support for the young people of the Bokamoso Youth Centre, including helping Bokamoso performers write resumes and visit work sites during their annual US tour. Seekers Church is a small, intentional Christian community in Washington, D.C. Members share a common commitment to understand and implement Christian servanthood in everyday life.

St. Andrew's Episcopal School provides vital support as a community and through the families, who host the Bokamoso performers during their annual visit. St. Andrew's is an independent school in Potomac, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C.

George Washington University

Since 2003, Profesosr Leslie Jacobson has joined collegue Roy Barber in travelling to Winterveldt each summer, often accompanied by studebts from GW, to use theatre, dance, and music to address community challenges with the young men and women of the Bokamoso Youth Centre. Over the years, they have created six plays with music. Since 2004, GW hosted a dozen youth from Bokamoso each January. Accompanied by centre directors, the Bokamoso youth visit the US, rasing funds and awareness for their community. They live with families in the DC area for three weeks, attending ST. Andrews Eoiscopal School High School, and performing at schools and community and religious organisations around the city.

The fourth week (and final) week of their visit, they have a residency on the GW campus, staying with students, attending classes, and performing at the Dorothy Marven Theatre. the circle of support for this residency has grown exponentially within the University, as GW students, faculty, and staff have been touched by these generous-spirited young man and women from South Africa. In July 2011, students in Masters program in Art Therapy at GW, accompanied by Program Director Heidi Bardot, Joined undergraduates GW theatre students, Leslie Jacobson and Roy Barber at the Bokamoso Youth Centre. Thus, the visual arts added to the performing arts were added to the performing arts in GW cultural exchange program with Bokamoso

The Episcopal Diocese of Washington hosts our website.

Become a Sponsor

Would you or your organization like to become a sponsor of the Bokamoso Youth Centre? Contact Bokamoso Youth Foundation President .

In addition to our invaluable sponsors, Bokamoso Youth Centre is able to provide hope and services through the contributions of families and individuals, including the Bridgeman Family, Roy Barber, Leslie Jacobson, Alicia Armstrong, Kathy Tobias, Marilee Aronson and You!

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