Bokamoso Youth Foundation: The Future Begins Here

Together We Can Create Bokamoso

Meet the Bridgeman Family

Our entire family supports the Bokamoso Youth Center because we have seen firsthand how effective the program is in transforming lives.

They stretch every dollar to improve the daily lives and futures of the Bokamoso youth.

Things cost so much less in Winterveldt each dollar donated does a world of good. The Bokamoso Youth Center gives us a practical and effective way to help.

As an outstanding high school teacher, Roy Barber has inspired many local teens, and their parents, to help the poor and disadvantaged because of his own decades long volunteer work in South Africa.

Our teenage son, David has received an amazing education from experiences with the Bokamoso youth and the Center’s program staff.

(That’s David pictured in the photo holding some of the Winterveldt village children near the Bokamoso Youth Center.)

It is an amazing group—transforming lives on both continents.

Jim, Chris, David and Rachel Bridgeman