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Meet Kathy Tobias

I got involved with Bokamoso when my friend Nigel Fields and I tagged along with Roy Barber's troupe on a trip to South Africa in 1999.

When we arrived in Winterveldt, Mary-Ann Carpenter had us driving on the wrong side of the road to Pretoria to pick up supplies before we knew what had hit us.

It has been a love story ever since.

At the end of that short three- or four-day stay in Winterveldt, Mary-Ann asked if I would come back the next summer for a couple of months or the rest of my life. At the time, it seemed impossible to take two months off from my job at the Small Business Administration (where I advocate for small businesses--hmmm--any useful skills there?).

But I told myself that IF I could persuade my boss to let me use two months of leave and IF I could get someone to stay in my house and take care of my dog and IF I could round up enough for the plane ticket, I would go and work with the women on income generation in (our) summer of 2000.

Everything fell into place and I have never, of course, regretted that wonderful South African winter experience. Later it seemed natural to work with the youth on how to get their own income generation going.

So I've been a bit player in working with them on resumes and their entrepreneurial dreams. It has been wonderful to watch these people grow into adulthood, developing the skills they need to make a difference in their own lives and South Africa's!