Bokamoso Youth Foundation: The Future Begins Here

Together We Can Create a Brighter Bokamoso

Meet Marilee Aronson

My name is Marilee Aronson. I am a clinical psychologist in Washington, DC.

I had the amazing good fortune of meeting Roy Barber in the spring of 2007 and accompanying him to South Africa only a couple of months later.

I was changed by my trip and by meeting the youth and staff of Bokamoso.

To be in their presence was—and is—to feel an uncontainable spirit: a sense of aliveness, joy, hope, gratitude and connection rare in everyday life.

Since I returned from South Africa with its breathtaking collective and personal history, I have found myself writing about the parallels between healing on national, communal and individual levels.

I have remained closely connected with several members of the Bokamoso community, participated in many aspects of their 2008 U.S. visit, hosted a table at last year's Dream Breakfast and am coordinating this year's table-hosts.

I hope continue to serve as a resource and mentor for both staff and students for years to come, and to be blessed tenfold by what they teach me.

It has been such an honor to be touched by this program, these wonderful youth and their incredible circle of supporters!